WATCH: A Snowstorm INSIDE?! This Dad Pulls The Most Spellbinding Prank EVER!

Roman Atwood is one of the most famous and popular pranksters in the world. And it’s no wonder. He started out with low-key funny gags, but slowly his practical jokes increased in size and scale. And where he used to tease his friends, now it’s his new young family that are on the receiving end. But where his wife was tricked with his ‘exploding kid’ prank, this one here – for his kids – is much nicer…

He thought it’d be nice to surprise his young son with a winter’s snow storm. But here’s the twist – it was going to be inside the house, not outside! It was a stunt that looks like it sure took a lot of time and planning and work, but when you see the little lad’s face when he sees it? It was all worth it!

Pranks can often be a little cruel or slightly nasty, so it’s always nice to see something as innocent and joyous as this. Although we don’t envy the Atwoods for the clean-up job they’ve got on their hands!

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