How To Prank A Gold Digger LIKE A BOSS!

There are plenty of ways to make money. You could be a doctor, lawyer, photographer or even a freelance writer – all honorable ways to make a living. But when you rely on others to just hand you money for being cute or extremely hot then there’s a special name just for you – a gold digger.

Now, if you’re in some kind of relationship where the guy knows what he’s in for, then sure – no ones business. But when it gets to the point where you’re down-right rude and disrespectful towards others when they can’t give you what you want, then there’s only one thing left to do – prank the damn gold digger.
And no one knows how to do it better than comedian, Josh Paler Lin. His video entitled “How to prank a gold digger┬álike a boss” is the next best thing. Point and laugh away, my friends.

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