Asking The Homeless To Choose – ‘Alcohol Or Food?’ The Results Might Just Shock You…

When you’re homeless you aren’t given many options or choices, are you? So it’s probably pretty easy to get out of the habit of making them. But when the question is as important as this one, it appears that the answer is easier to find than you might think. We sent French YouTuber NorniTUBE to hit the streets and ask the same question to a bunch of people living without a roof.

He had one simple question: ‘Beer or sandwich?’

Now, we all know that homeless people often get a bad rep. While most of us are sympathetic towards them and feel for them and their plight, many people still have reservations. ‘Surely they’re choose this lifestyle’. ‘They shouldn’t be given financial aid because they’ll just spend it on drink and drugs…’

So how will the people Norni approaches react when offered the choice in this social experiment? Let’s find out…

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