WATCH: Puppy Tied To Balloons ‘Floats Away’ In ‘Cruel’ Prank On His Girlfriend

Ryan Hamilton from HammyTV is used to getting creative with his pranks. We remember it wasn’t all that long ago that his stunt to blow up his pal’s Yeezy’s backfired big time. But still, he persists with pranking everyone he knows. This time up? His girlfriend Jen. And his mom. The gag? To make them think that the family’s new Australian Shepherd has flown off into the sky after a ‘surprise’ stunt involving balloons goes badly wrong…

Of course, it’s all just a big set-up, with a stunt teddy pup used for the floating away bit, but his mom and girl don’t know that. Especially as a small Dictaphone is attached, making pre-recorded noises of the pooch (who was safely tucked away).

This is some seriously risky pranking right here. Who wants both their mom AND their ladyfriend hating them at the same time, huh? Ol’ Ryan here must have a SERIOUS Death wish. Check out what went down:

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