Prankster Tricks His Friend Into Getting THIS Shocking Tattoo!

Ryan from HammyTV‘s best friend Dan loves tattoos. And he recently went back to his favorite tattoo parlor for another inking. ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ is run by Jared, a dude who loves a prank and a joke as much as Hammy. So he’s happy to get involved in a prank that pushes the envelope… What goes down? Well, they’ve rigged up the shop with cameras and Ryan’s encouraging Jared to give Dan the WEIRDEST tattoo…

Ryan’s even taking over the tattoo gun at one point. And giving his old pal a truly awful tattoo. Talk about pushing the limits of pranking as far as you can. Let’s just hope that his friend Dan has a good sense of humor, eh?

To be fair, they’re involved in a bit of a prank war at the moment, so we’re guessing he’ll see the funny side. That said, we’re glad we’re not Ryan. Dan’s revenge is gonna be extreme!

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