WATCH: When He Walks Into The Wrong Locker Room He Gets The Shock Of His Life!

Life can be stressful. Family, work, money… It can all get on top of you, can’t it? There are plenty of ways to relax – have a drink, maybe work out. Going to the gym is great way to kick back and flush out stress. Well, normally it is. Not at this gym, though. It’s been specially rigged with cameras to catch the reactions of a select group of poor dudes about to have the men’s locker rooms turned into the ladies!

They walk into the shower after working out to clean up leaving the men’s, but return to it teeming full of half naked ladies. Sounds like a lot of guy’s fantasy, right? Well, it might be if it weren’t for the fact that these girls are NOT happy with some guy parading around ‘their’ locker room in just a towel…

The dudes’ reactions are brilliant. Just try and imagine how’d you react. Especially at the end when ‘the manager’ kicks them out of the gym half dressed! Gym pranks at their best. Check it out:

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