Guy Freaks Out Intoxicated Festival Goers By Pretending To Be Their Dad

As one would imagine, a festival is usually full of youths that like to ingest party favors, dance, laugh and have an amazing experience. But when someone decides that they’re totally going to mess with your head while you’re intoxicated, the fun kind of comes to an end and panic starts to rear its ugly head. That’s where this awesome prankster comes in, causing chaos amongst the young party folk.

In a hilarious video, a manĀ attends a music festival and pretends to be the father of individuals that walk past him. He puts on one hell of a show too, showing concern for their well-being and even telling them off when they’re being disrespectful to their “father”.

Some festival goers laugh it off while others actually start to believe him. Props to the comedian who managed to keep a straight face throughout and stay in character.

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