GTA-Style Car Jacking Prank Is Sweet Revenge On Joker Girlfriend!

KenPranksTV and his girlfriend Stacey have been pranking each other quite a bitĀ of late. Pranking boyfriends and girlfriends seems all the rage at the moment. And while we love them here and think they’re hilarious, you’ve got to admit – they’re pretty risky! It’s easy enough to upset your other half even when you’re trying to be nice, let alone when you’re playing a joke on them…

In this prank, Ken is getting revenge on Stacey by staging a car jacking that throws his girl straight into a GTA-style situation that she never sees coming! When a guy in balaclava storms into the car with a gun and orders her into the back, things really get heated!

Have a look at what went down:

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