This Gold Digger Will Do ANYTHING… You Won’t Believe This!

Kanye West might not be sayin’ she a gold digger, but we certainly are. And Joey Salads is to. Who are we talking about? The girl he picks up here in this latest gold digger prank of his. He’s using the Happn app to pick up girls. And the first chick he meets? He puts a proposition to her: Wear a banana suit and say, “I’m a banana!” And she can ride to the airfield with him in his limo and fly in his private jet to Vegas.

Now, Joey’s no millionaire, but he is a YouTube prankster. One who’s determined to weed out gold diggers and shame them online. And all using a big yellow fruit suit. It’s weird, sure – but it does the job!

This girl has no self-respect. Or, Hell, maybe she does – she just really likes jets. And bananas… Check it out!

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