Girl Peeing In Boys Public Bathroom Prank Will Make You Feel Awkward AF

With all the drama surrounding the whole mixed bathrooms to be more compassionate towards transgendered folk, what would this world be if we couldn’t turn a heavy issue into something more light-hearted? In a very awkward video, YouTuber, RiskyRobTV created quite a situation when he came up with and executed the prank for a woman to use the men’s bathroom. Of course, it’s extremely cringe-worthy.

Now I am not talking about her going in and using a bathroom stall. She legit went in there and used the urinal, like a “real” man. As she stands there, men walk in and out. Some are confused, some opt for the stall in an attempt to avoid standing next to her to pee, and some even blatantly offend her.

Needless to say, this prank will make you feel awkward as hell, thanking your lucky stars that it’s not you in that bathroom.

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