Girl Savagely Left With The Bill In Epic Fame Digger Prank

We’ve shown you a number of gold digger pranks before, such as Coby Persin’s celebrity superstar effort and Vitaly’s surreal camel number. Hell, we’ve even shown you a woman doing a “reverse gold digger” prank. Well, now, veteran Joey Salads has come up with a “fame digger prank.”

The idea is similar. He wants to expose girls who are more interested in the fame than the person. Armed with his brand spanking new certificate for reaching one million subscribers on YouTube, Joey hits the streets looking for a victim. He starts talking to a girl, who shows little interest – she has a boyfriend apparently. But when Joey tells her about about his YouTube channel, she all of a sudden becomes eager.

Despite saying that she had a boyfriend just minutes before, the woman agrees to go and get something to eat with Joey. Once at the restaurant, he deliberately acts as obnoxious as possible, to see how much he can get away with. And then when the waiter brings the bill? SAVAGE!

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