These Dudes Were LOVING Rubbing Sun Lotion All Over Her… ‘Til She Turned Over!

Nowadays, it seems there are more and more transgendered people about and stories about it all in the news. Hey, we’re not criticizing – more power to ’em, we say. After all, so long as a transgendered person doesn’t trick us into rubbing sun lotion into them on the beach and then reveal a huge bulge, we’re cool. What? It happens! Well, it does in David Mafra‘s world, anyway…

For proof – check out his very first fake balls prank. He’s back on the beach and with another girl. She’s rigged up with a fake set of nuts and enticing local dudes to help her put on sun cream. They’re happy to ’til they see what ‘she’ has dangling in her bikini bottoms. Then they all get a lot less keen.

Well, we say ‘all’. There’s one guy who really doesn’t seem that fussed! Seriously, he’s about halfway in – you’ve gotta see how smoothly he takes the news!


Too funny… Check it out:

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