How To Prank Your Friends On Facebook!

In the mood for playing a few pranks on people? Pressed for time and can’t go too high concept on it? Don’t worry… You can play hilarious practical jokes on your friends from the comfort of your internet browser! If you’re on Facebook, first of all – you need to like the Pranksters Facebook page  (if you haven’t already). Then, read our five brilliant prank ideas below, pick your favorite and get to it!

Here we go:

1. ‘We’re having a baby!!!!!!!!!’

You write whatever you like alongside this ultrasound picture of an unborn baby. The scan is the first thing your friends will see and they’ll ALL fall for it! Maybe you could write ‘Look what I found on the floor at the doctor’s surgery!’, ‘Check it out – and I thought I just had indigestion!’ or even, ‘Hey everyone, check out my cool new lampshade!‘ Whatever you write, this will go down a storm.

Facebook Jokes


2. ‘The Worst Person On Facebook!’

This is a brutally funny little trick. Its simplicity is what makes it so effective. And so few people will get what’s happened! It’s basically a profile page redirect link. Copy & paste this link into a status update:, along with a message about ‘this person’ being ‘the worst/ugliest person on Facebook’ or even how ‘police are desperately searching for this monster!’. When they click it – BOOM! – it’s them! Make sure when you load the link up to click the little ‘x’ next to the automatically loaded picture, though – you don’t want to give the game away…

Facebook Jokes


3. The ‘Talking To Themselves’ Prank

Again, nice and easy, this. Set a status update – something enticing a specific person that you want to prank. Maybe insult their favorite band or TV show or something. Reel them in. When they bite – engage them in an argument. Then, once you’ve got a nice long conversation, delete all your comments and leave theirs. Et voila! They look like they’ve lost it!

Facebook Jokes


4. The Password Prank

This prank will SERIOUSLY annoy your pals, so be ready for an explosion of insults and fury! A quick two or three line status update will encourage a few of your more gullible friends to part with their most sensitive information – their Facebook password! Just type the following:

Facebook Jokes


5. The ‘Messing With Tagged Photos’ Prank

If you’ve got photo editing skills, why not fiddle with your friends’ faces before you tag them? Like this…

Facebook Jokes

So, what are you waiting for? Open up another tab, log in and get pranking!

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