Watch This Guy’s EXTREME Reaction To This Exploding Ketchup Bottle Prank!

It seems the possibilities for playing pranks with baking soda are almost limitless. Pour the stuff down a toilet, for example, and a volcano of suds will erupt from it the next time it’s flushed. Add it to a bottle of vinegar and wait for somebody to shake it up, and you’ve got a rocket-powered grenade on your hands. And that’s where we come to the following video. YouTube prankster Joey Salads wants to play a prank on his room mate. His room mate is planning to watch The Walking Dead, and is cooking fish sticks for a snack. He likes them with ketchup … but what he doesn’t realise is that Joey has messed around with the ketchup bottle, adding a few spoonfuls of baking soda to the sauce. When his room mate goes to shake it up, all hell breaks loose! Check out how he reacts in this laugh out loud funny video from Joey Salads. You’ll be amazed when you hear the noise his room mate makes!

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