Girl Gets Revenge On Drunk Boyfriend With Epic Lady Boy Prank!

It was this couple’s last night in Bangkok, Thailand. They were meant to be having a romantic evening. Nice meal, few drinks, moonlight walk on the seafront. The full works. Problem is, the guy had a little too much to drink and passed out in the hotel room.

His girlfriend was p****d. I mean really p****d. So she decided to take revenge on him in one of the most brutal ways possible. She explained:

“It was our last night in Bangkok and Cenek got totally drunk and fell asleep. I was bored so I went to Khaosan Road in front of our hotel and there were many ladyboys and I got an idea.”

So she hired the lady boy, brought her up to the room and had her lay next to her semi conscious boyfriend, whilst she herself hid in the cupboard.

Cenek then began to awake, at which point the lady boy utters the immortal words “Wake up. Come on, last night was fun, let’s do it again!”

His reaction is priceless!

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