Drug Prank On Russian Dad!

We all have slightly different relationships with our parents, don’t we? Some of us get on with them brilliantly, in a very healthy and normal way. Some of us flat out just don’t see eye to eye. Others treat their parents like friends. But whatever the set-up, no one wants to be caught by Mom & Dad ‘partying’, do they…? Nope.

Well, no one except the pranksters at NormelTV, anyway. The Sweden-based Russian pranksters set it up so that one of their Dads would walk in one them while they were drinking, smoking weed, snorting lines… But, y’know – for a joke.

The old man’s reaction? Priceless! This guy is gold. He goes CRAZY, then asks about the cocaine. “What is this?” And BANG! Starts rubbing it into his gums!

This is so funny, check it out:

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