Magic of Rahat’s Drive Thru Robot Driver Prank – A Disturbing Look Into The Future!

We’ve all seen the magician-cum-prankster Magic of Rahat and his patented and famous ‘drive-thru’ pranks. He’s even fronted a Toyota commercial campaign, the pranks are that famous. Well, the man’s back. And he’s got a brand new ‘driver’ stunt on the go. This time he’s not hiding, though. Hes pretending to be a bizarre I, Robot-style robot. That talks. And can ‘scan’ drive-thru workers.

If you thought that fast food restaurant staff tricked by his previous pranks looked confused and perplexed, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This would have us running out the door. In double quick time!

The future is here and it’s robots. Don’t be surprised if robots do one day rise up, Terminator-style, and take over. And when they do, it’ll look something like this…

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