She’s 9 Months Pregnant… They Can’t Believe What They See Her Doing!

Drinking on the street is illegal. Drinking while pregnant isn’t. It is pretty immoral, what with the medically-proven damage that alcohol can do to an unborn baby. But should the decision to drink be left entirely to the woman carrying the child? Or do we have a moral responsibility to intervene on behalf of the baby when we see a pregnant woman abusing alcohol? That’s the question asked today…

We sent Dennis Cee out onto the streets to conduct a subtle experiment. He gets an actress to wear a realistic-looking fake bump that makes her appear at least eight months pregnant. And gives her a bottle of vodka (with water in). This social experiment tests people’s reaction to a pregnant lady drinking in public.

How do you think people behave? Do they walk on by? Say something? What do they do? Well, you might just be surprised… Watch and find out: