He Found A Girl Playing On Train Tracks, What Happened Next Made Him Poop Himself!

As anyone who has seen their videos before will tell you, no-one does a horror prank quite like the crazy Italians over at DM Pranks. From the Killer Clown Pranks to the Psycho Witch Scare, those guys sure know how to scare the ass off of the general public!

Their latest effort is certainly no exception. For it, they dress up a small girl as a ‘demon child’ – decked in a mask and nightie, and equipped with a scary toy doll – and place her in a variety of dark, secluded locations, from deserted railroad stations to country roads. The beauty of this prank is that the victims have to get really close before they can see that this is not a normal little girl, so by the time they realize what they are faced with, they are already within touching distance!

Watch the video below.

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