Guy Illegally Parking In Disabled Spot Gets Pranked In The Most Humiliating Way!

Unless you’re disabled and have permission, don’t park in disabled parking spots, okay? First off – it’s the law. And secondly, just don’t be a douchbag. Those bays are allocated specifically for disabled people because they’re closer to things and anyone qualifies struggles with their mobility. You don’t. So park where you’re supposed to, alright?

We’re glad we’re cleared that up. We’ve all learned the easy way. Unlike the Brazilian guy here. He had to face an epic prank and total public humiliation in order to learn. He thought he’d parked up in a disabled bay for a while while he ran some errands. But when he returned? An irate stranger or two had COVERED his car entirely in blue Post-It Notes. And we mean COVERED!

You’ve gotta love the dedication shown by these pranksters…

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