WATCH: She Invites Him In – But Soon? He’s About To Get The Biggest Shock Of His Life…

With the help of tech company AtmosFX Digital Decorations, Jason Rosete has come up with an awesome scare prank that scared the absolute bejesus out of everyone tricked into falling for it. It’s pretty clever too. AtmosFX make digital pictures that appear still but are, in fact, animated. So they’re perfect for suddenly coming to life and shocking people.

In this prank, Jason’s hired a beautiful woman to answer the door to a delivery guy. She invites him in while she looks for her purse to pay him with. While she’s gone, the dude’s naturally attracted to the strange looking portrait leaning against the wall…

Just when the delivery fella’s most transfixed and relaxed – BLAM! The picture comes to life in the most disturbingly horrifying way. This is enough to give you a heart attack, no doubt. Poor guy’s just trying to do his job!

Check it out:

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