The Reaction In This Cross-Eyed Girl Prank Are SAVAGE

This Cross eyed girl social experiment from DennisCeeTV, sees our man tap up a pal and ask her to do him a favor. He wants to conduct a social experiment which tests guys’ reactions to an attractive girl asking for their number. But with a twist (obviously).

This pick-up stunt is testing their reactions to the girl when it turns out that her eyes are a little crossed. Can that really affect the way people react in social situations? You’d hope not, but you might be a little surprised…

Hey, look – if she’d asked us? Hell, yeah we’d still be giving over our number. A beautiful person’s a beautiful person. We don’t give a cr*p which way their eyes are pointing. But not everyone agrees.

See how people reacted. Check it out and then maybe think about what you’d have done:

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