Boyfriend Gets Extreme Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend. How? Cruel… But Justified!

Relationships can be tough at times, can’t they? You often have to work on them to get the best out of them and keep them fresh and loving. But both parties have to be dedicated. If one person doesn’t try, it’s doomed. If one person is cheating? It’s got no legs and needs to end. But if you found out your other half was cheating, how would you react? Would you just finish things? Or would you look to even the score???

One guy in Brazil was in that very position recently and opted for the latter. He decided to take revenge on his cheating girlfriend. By pranking her in the most INSANE way! By giving her a gift…

But the gift isn’t nice at all. It’s hundreds and hundreds of COCKROACHES! All over her. In a locked car. This is BRUTAL!

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