Insane Hissing Cockroach Shower Prank On Girlfriend!

You remember a while back we brought you the story of pranking couple Jay and Kim? With the help of VitalyzdTv and Dennis Roady, Kim pranked her boyfriend with a truly horrifying spider prank. Well, the shoe’s now on the other foot. Kim doesn’t share Jay’s arachnophobia, but she does have a pretty big dislike of cockroaches… You can guess what’s coming next, right?!

Yip – you got it. This lady’s about to have a brush with some ‘roaches. And while she’s coming out of the shower too. We’ve seen some pretty strong reactions in our time, but this girl’s shrieking needs to be heard to be believed! Not that we blame her, of course – half a dozen enormous hissing cockroaches isn’t what you expect to find when you’re stepping out of the shower into a nice clean white towel…

Get ready for the scream!

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