Stranger ‘Kidnaps’ Child After Holding Chloroform To The Boy’s Face…

It has been reported than more than 200,000 children go missing every year in China alone. That’s over a fifth of a MILLION young boys and girls. Often they are kidnapped and sold. Abducted, taken away from their family for nefarious reasons. It’s truly, truly sickening. But what can be done? Well, authorities are working on it. But public awareness of the issue needs to be increased.

And that’s where Chinese vlogger Dapeng comes in. He’s set up a social experiment which, thankfully, has caught the world’s attention. In it, he stages a series of kidnappings on the street to test the public’s reaction. Will they step in and helped? Or idly watch and let it happen?

Here’s what Dapeng says: “Your child may be the next kidnapped person. Make sure you do something about it when you face something that doesn’t seem right. You can change a child’s lifetime.”

Chloroform Kidnapping Social Experiment in China

She how it all went down right here:

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