Prankster Goes TOO FAR And Rubs CHILI On Girlfriend’s Tampon

A warring couple’s prank battle went too far recently when the practical joke-loving boyfriend rubbed a CHILI PEPPER onto his girlfriend’s tampon just shortly before she used it. Predictably, the results were uncomfortable to say the least and his other half was less than pleased. In fact, at the end of the video (oh yeah, he filmed it…), she can be heard screaming at him, ‘Get out of this house!”

24 year-old Brit couple Brad Holmes and Jenny Davies play tricks on each other and post them onto Facebook. But this current trick has gone super viral…

‘It’s Jen’s time of the month so I’m going to play a little trick on her and give her a hot v*gina,’ he says as he’s filming himself doing it. ‘I’m going to rub this chili onto this tampon and see what happens…’

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