Rahat Water

Up until now, there’s only ever been one dude famous for being able to walk on water. Admittedly, we were more impressed by his ability...


After a long hard session at the gym, you’re left craving calories. So what better than an offer of free cupcakes, gifted to you by...

Ring Prank

Falling asleep in front of the TV is one of those weird little luxuries in life that we take for granted. There’s nothing like treating...

Music Store Prank

Record stores can be intimidating places, can’t they? There’s so many thousands of options. What are you gonna buy? Not sure? Maybe check out the...

Clown Pranks

The sick and twisted minds behind Italy’s DM Pranks are here again with your old favorite, The Killer Clown. The psycho circus murderer is perfectly...

Fame Prank

How well do you normally do when you try to score someone’s number? Not that great? Maybe you do okay? Either way, you’re unlikely to...

Anyone who’s been there can tell you – Amsterdam’s a cool city. But at night, with its eerie streets and Gothic architecture, it can look...

Legal Street Racing Prank - Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood teamed up with Vitaly to pull the ultimate prank on some cops.

Clown Axe Murderer Scare Prank Part 2 - The Royal Stampede

The Royal Stampede are back with part 2 of their awesome killer clown prank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDcW6FqA12M Check out part 1 here.

Clown Axe Scare Prank - The Royal Stampede

The Royal Stampede take to the streets to scare the crap outta people dressed as a maniac clown with a seriously creepy laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCW-bakUwSo Check out part 2...

Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank

SA Wardega has for you here perhaps the most hilarious prank you’ll probably ever see. In fact, we know it’s a surefire killer because it’s racked...

Yoga Pants Prank Part 2 fouseyTUBE

Check out the second installment of fouseyTUBE’s hilarious Yoga Pants Prank. You can catch Pt. 1 HERE.

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