Undercover Cop Busting Weed Thieves Prank NormelTV

NormelTV decided to test some people’s honesty. How? With a hugely scary fake police scam… One of them walks past someone, ‘accidentally’ dropping a big...

Touching yourself In Public Prank Model Pranksters

The cops in the prank you’re about to watch must be New York City’s most relieved men… They witness the guys from Model Pranksters committing...

Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants Model Pranksters

Leah Jung and the Model Pranksters don’t mind getting a little chilly in the name of a good video. Their latest social experiment tests the...

Asking Strangers For Food! OckTV

OckTV are hungry. But they’ve no cash on them. How are they gonna eat? How about by getting some food off strangers after politely asking...

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