Indecent Proposal: Your Girl For This Brand New Mustang!

Not that long ago, we brought you a social experiment from Joey Salads where he asked guys if they’d sell their wives for $100,000. It turned out to be an indecent proposal that sprung up some surprising results. Well, now he’s back with a new dilemma for men.

The basic principle? ‘Would you swap your girlfriend for a brand new Camaro?’ Car or girl? That’s the choice. How do you think the results went? Does love win out and the girl get the nod, no questions asked? Or are these guys not loyal…?

Social experiments don’t come any tougher than this! What?! C’mon, we all like to think we’d stick by our other half, but seriously??? A brand new car? Are you kidding? It’s a Helluva choice! See which way it goes right here:

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