This Risky Car Flip Prank On Mom Backfires BIG TIME…

When you think just how much time, dedication, love and work goes into bringing up a child, it’s crazy. We should really be more appreciative of our parents, when we think about it. Give them more respect. We shouldn’t dedicate half our lives to pranking them… Not that most of us do.

But most of us aren’t VitalyzdTv. He seems to be pretty pre-occupied with playing jokes on his mom. And the latest? An epic car flip prank. He invites his old dear out to Dubai with him and they have a little chauffeur-driven ride. Suddenly, the cap flips into two wheels and started circling, with no warning…

Mom freaks out and begs the driver to stop. Which he does. But then Vitaly orders him to do it again. Which he does. And it’s then that it all starts to go a little wrong. Watch what goes down:

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