When He Sees Her Showering He Knows EXACTLY What He Has To Do!

South Beach, Miami, Florida. A prankster calling himself ‘Book of Ken’ is out and about trying to carry out pranks that he claims have been proved as fake in the past. Only he plans on doing them for real. This specific prank? He’s calling it ‘Operation Pink Panther’. It’s the classic shampoo prank. As seen in the Police Academy movie. But, as he claims, with no set-ups at all. So how will he fare…?

Well, you can definitely tell by the reactions and the furore created at the scene – the public shower at the beach – that there’s no set-up here. Some people find it funny. Others? Less so!

Hey, look – it might not be the most original prank ever shot, but c’mon… this is a total classic. It’s the never ending shampoo gag. Check it out:

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