“Big Booty” Prank Shows Just How Easily Distracted People Can Be By A**!

Summer is here, so naturally people are wearing less clothes. Out have gone jeans, coats and scarves. In have come sunglasses, short skirts and skimpy tops – for the girls at least! And this can be very distracting for those of us who appreciate the female form. I know, I know, it’s the 21st century, and we shouldn’t be treating women as sexual objects. But when they wear those little hot pants … DAMN!

With this in mind, pranksters JinkiesTV┬ádecided to have some fun in a park in London, on a sweltering hot day. They asked a skantily clad lady with a … *ahem* … considerable derriere to walk around the park, and then filmed the reactions of bystanders. The results? Hilarious.

Watch the video below…