This Bear Attack Video Is The Craziest Thing We’ve Seen In Ages!

You’re about to see arguably the most epic work-based prank ever recorded on film. Now, we’re used to dealing with professional YouTubers and pranksters being clever and tricking people and that’s all great. But when we see a pranking game as strong as this from a random member of public? It fills us with joy. Joy which quickly turns to evil laughs when we sees what goes down…

The workplace sees plenty of practical jokes. Especially in male-dominated environments. Dudes love pranking each other. But we’ve never seen a work prank this extreme or funny before!

We’re on a construction site. A worker is about to walk towards the end of a building. But around the corner? There’s A BEAR! Only it’s not a bear. It’s one of his colleagues dressed up like a bear. But he doesn’t know that. And his reaction is INSANE!

Epic stuff, this…

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