She Laughs But This Dude Almost Gets Slapped For This Crazy Gym Prank

Gyms are funny places, aren’t they? If you’re not used to them and don’t go in every day, they can be pretty intimidating. So when a guy goes to a new gym for the first time, he may feel the need to assert his status and show everyone that he’s a real man and deserves to be there. Maybe by lifting heavy weights. Or using the running machine on top setting for an hour.

Or… Maybe he can strut around the place like the alpha male he is with a huge great big b*ner. Well, yeah. You *could* do that, but it’s probably not a good idea. That didn’t stop AverageBroTV, though.

Let’s be clear. It’s a fake one he’s sporting. At least we think it’s fake. If it’s not, he’s in the wrong business. He should be making videos on the internet, sure – but not pranks… Anyway, check it out:

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