This ‘Asleep On The Subway’ Racism Social Experiment Will Shock You

Public transport can be a real tester, can’t it? Crammed onto a packed train or bus with a bunch of strangers… It’s not something most people enjoy. But a lot of us have to endure it. It’s made all the more bearable when strangers are nice to us and help us out, though. Like when we fall asleep on a subway train (hey, we’ve all done it right, ?) and someone nudges us awake.

But what happens when we do catch forty winks on board the subway? Key Fork TV decided to find out by playing out a social experiment with two different people. One of them white, one of them black. Do you think the people on the train will differentiate between the two? Are they less or more likely to wake one them up at the end of the line?

Let’s find out…

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