Arnie’s Terminator In Hollywood Prank Shocks EVERYONE!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is many things to many people. To some he’s Conan the Barbarian. To others, he’s the guy who got pregnant in Junior. To politics buffs, he’s the former Governor of California. But to most of us, he’ll always be The Terminator. And that’s why it’s the T-800 that Arnie would be dressed as if he was in a waxwork museum. And in a waxwork museum he is. Quite literally. Although the people in this prank don’t know that…

To promote his new movie Terminator: Genysis and to raise money for a charity, Arnie headed out into Hollywood – where celebrity lookalikes are a dime a dozen – and pranked a whole bunch of people. But it’s the waxwork gag in Madame Tussaud’s that really gets people!

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