These Motorists Are Terrorized In This Perfectly Executed And Legitimately Harrowing Alien Invasion Prank

What would you do if a UFO landed in front of your car and aliens got out and tried to attack you?! Would you run, or would you fight back? Well, these people had to face that dilemma in a recent prank by Brazilian hidden camera show Câmera Escondida. The prank, which was meticulously planned and pulled off, saw an entire mock-up UFO produced and a cast of characters dressed up in incredible make up to look like alien life forms. Then, they were placed inside the flying saucer, and winched up above a rural highway.

Meanwhile, a “taxi driver” – obviously in on the joke – picks up our victims. Now, in order to get them to their destination, he has to go via the rural highway. And, guess what? The car breaks down. No matter what he tries, he can’t get that thing to restart. So, he wanders off, leaving the victims alone in the back of the car.

All of a sudden, the UFO descends, and the aliens disembark & head towards the car. Then? Well, all hell breaks lose!

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