Abducting Girls – Predator Social Experiment

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust your senses. First reactions can be important, but it’s vital that you listen to your second, third and fourth reactions too. We’re talking about the danger of abduction. You’d be surprised how easily YouTube filmmaker Joey Salads lured women into his car ‘for rides’. They all agreed because ‘he seemed nice. But, as he goes on to tell them…

“I could have raped you!”

No, obviously that wasn’t going to happen, but he’s really quite simply demonstrated a very real threat to women out there. Sexual assaults aren’t carried out by shifty old guys in long dark coats and minivans. Attacks can be from young guys. Handsome guys. Friendly guys.

If this isn’t scary enough, Joey’s previously shown us all how easy it is to drug someone at a bar

Scary stuff. Watch, take note and learn. It’s not just children that are at risk from predators, you know.

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