11 Genius Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers

Work – what a snooze fest! Do you know anyone that actually enjoys their job? Unless you get paid to sleep and eat pizza, then I doubt it. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun now and then though. What would our lives be if we sat at a desk for two thirds of our day, five times a week? It would be a pain in the butt, that’s what! Whoever invented the notion of “working” in order to obtain money should be beheaded!

Having said that, you NEED these awesome pranks in your life – not only to save your sanity at work, but to have a damn good laugh too.

Starting with a playful one, see what amazingly creative pranks pranksters have come up with worldwide. I don’t think we could be any prouder.

  1. Is this an office or a play pen? Play pen, obviously


2. Well THAT’S an elaborate prank

Do You Dare

3.Unfortunately not everyone likes pranks

Formal Complaint

4.Grass in greener… on the keyboard?

Grass Is Green

5. Have a seat, kind sir

Honk Honk

6. Do NOT change the thermostat

Just Don't Do It

7. *Has mini freak-out*


8. Nicholas Cage is everywhere these days, huh?

Photocopy Prank

9. Next level standing desk

Upside Down Desk

10. Choose wisely

Which One Do You Choose

11. Work = poop

Work Is Poop

Who says April Fool’s Day should be celebrated once a year? Viva La Resistance! Let’s all get our creative juices flowing and cause an absolute riot in the office this week!

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