UPDATED: Everyone Ignores Him When His Car Breaks Down. When I Saw Who Finally Helped Him… WOW!

Sometimes, we experience bad luck, don’t we? And when we do, we quite often need a little helping hand to get us through it – whatever the situation is. But we don’t always get it. Other people are busy and can’t help, or it doesn’t occur to them to offer their services…

It took someone TWO HOURS to finally stop and offer assistance to Hammy TV during this social experiment. He’d set up a fake broken-down car scenario to test who would stop and help. And was surprised it took so long. People just kept driving on by.

But when someone finally did stop to lend Hammy a hand, he couldn’t have been more surprised as to who was prepared to stop and help.

The guy who did was a man in need. Touched by his story, Hammy knew he had to help, so he started up a crowfunded pot of money to aid the man. Now? It’s raised almost $200,000!

Find out more:

Talk about faith in humanity being restored! WOW. Here’s the original video for you in full:

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