Check Out This EPIC Zombie Apocalypse Prank! It’s INCREDIBLE!

Last week we brought you this INSANE zombie prank from the Silvio Santos show. Now we bring you another incredible zombie apocalypse stunt, this time courtesy of YouTube pranksters, PrankvsPrank. These guys really go the extra mile, using state of the art make-up techniques and amazing costume design to fool the citizens of Philadelphia into thinking they really are caught up in the middle of a real life zombie apocalypse.

The trick to pulling off a stunt like this is to make your zombie horde look as convincing as possible. As you’ll see in the following video, the guys over at PrankvsPrank have nailed it. Some of the people in this video look absolutely terrified. Not even kids are safe from this horde of undead monsters!

We can’t imagine what it must be like to turn down a side street and come face to face with a horde of zombies as convincing as this! Incredible stuff.

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