When Santa And The Grinch Face Off Things Get CRAZY!

As Christmastime battles go, they don’t get a lot bigger, nastier or meaner than the rivalry between Santa Claus and The Grinch. Saint Nick and Dr. Seuss’s miserly green Christmas hater have never seen eye to eye. But this Christmas, thanks to us and HammyTV – they’ve finally been brought together to thrash things out and face off!

But it’s not just once that these two rivals square off and try to decide who’s right about this time of year. Time and time again, Santa and The Grinch meet up and take each other on… And it just gets more insaneĀ each time it happens!

Whether the pair of them are ‘pantsing‘ each other on the street, fighting in a car, scrapping in a Starbucks or beasting each other in a drive-thru Burger King (or even during a massage…), this yuletide show-down is just ridiculous. And ridiculously funny!

See who reigns victorious right here!

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