Round Two: Comedians Took Fake Book Covers On The Subway Again, Hilarity Ensues

Last month, comedian Scott Rogowsky had us all in stitches when he pretended to read fake books on the New York City subway with inappropriate and, at times, offensive covers. A secret video recording showed commuters either doing a double take, laughing or feeling completely spellbound. How could you not react when you see a fellow commuter reading a book entitled, Definitely Not Porn?

Now, Rogowsky is back with fellow comedian Akilah Hughes, and they’ve made a follow up to the previous video featuring an entirely new set of library books. Among them, Everyone Sharts and Tinder Training Your Toddler. Are you already cringing?

Needless to say, this video is NSFW – unless you have an awesome boss with a dirty sense of humor or you work from home, that is.

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