Nuts Stuck In Zipper Prank!

What’s every man’s worst nightmare? A Superbowl defeat, followed by totaling your car on the way to your girlfriend’s for a conversation about how she’s sleeping with your best friend? Pffft. No way. That sounds like a day out at the beach compared to what’s really every dude’s worst scenario. We’re talking a There’s Something About Mary-style frank n’ beans situation. That’s right – nuts or piece caught up in a zipper!

Sons of Arkham Pranks know what we’re talking about. And they decided to test people’s reactions and sympathies with a gruesomely realistic mock-up of a guy’s equipment bloodily trapped up in the zip of a pair of pants…

If you’re of a sensitive disposition – you’d best beware. Even though this ain’t real – it’s gonna turn your stomach!

How do people react? Find out!

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