You’ve Got To See VitalyzdTv’s Totally Sick ‘Nuts Stuck In Bike Spokes’ Prank!

Being a top online prankster takes time and energy. You’ve got to be in the zone and fighting fit. That’s why so many of the great practical jokers of our time spend so much time exercising. And for VitalyzdTv, he loves nothing more than getting out there on his bike. He likes to feel the wind in his hair and his nuts in the… spokes?! Hang on, that can’t be right.

Yep, it is. We don’t exactly know how much his enjoys it, but it happens. Luckily for Vitaly – and the promise of any children in the future – some friendly members of the public are usually on standby to assist him in pulling his plums out of the wheels of his bicycle. Which is nice.

Check it out:

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