Little Girl Comes Up With Brilliant Plan And Almost Cons Her Mom

Sneakiness and manipulation are human traits that are learned very early on in life. Take this little girl for example – she carefully and imaginatively created and executed a plan to try and get her mom to reveal a surprise that she had in store for her. Seriously though, one must give credit where credit is due and this little girl is definitely going places. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that patience is a virtue, kid?

It all started with a handwritten letter beginning with, “Dear wife”, followed by a sneaky question which prompted a written response. Well isn’t that crafty?

Taking a look at it, it does seems pretty legit, right? Wrong. Kudos though, Lilly – you’ve won our hearts with your lovely and creative imagination.

Dear Wife

Unfortunately for Lilly, she was absolutely fresh out of luck this time. I hope the surprise was epic though, she kind of deserves it.