Controversial ‘Jihadi’ Pranksters Jailed After Counter-Terrorism Police Raid

Australian pranksters The Jalal Brothers have courted controversy for a while now with their risky stunts. But it’s finally backfired after they were arrested by counter terrorism police. Their ‘drive by shooting’ stunts and fake bomb gags alerted them to Aussie authorities and now they’ve been taken in.

Arman, Rebeen and Max Jalal (who’s ironically a law student) are currently being questioned in custody after a four week-long investigation into their stupid fake terror attack clips. An anti- terrorism unit raided their home in South Morang, Melbourne on Thursday morning.

Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther from Victoria Police told journalists: “Our response has been driven by the changing nature of these posts and the escalation in terms of content. We believe the tipping point has been reached where the content is completely unacceptable and it is in fact criminal. And that is how we will be proceeding with it. They have caused some significant alarm in our community when we already have heightened security.”

“The videos portray terrorists in a certain way and it causes anxiety and problematic behaviours within the community. It is problematic for police attending incidents like this as there is potential for serious injury and that is of concern to us. This behavior is not okay.”


We’re surprised that the three of them have got away with doing what they do for so long, if we’re honest. We’ve never featured any of their videos before because, well, they’re dumb. And dangerous. Pranking should be about fun. Tricking someone and then having a laugh about it afterwards.

What these guys do is just cruel. And stupid. There’s no imagination or playfulness here, it’s just scaring people. We don’t want to see them go to jail, just wise up and up their pranking game.

Here’s an example of the kinds of videos we’re talking about which have upset the police: