Gold Digger Reverse Prank

Monell Jozefova is new on the prank scene, and judging by this video, she’s bound to be the next best thing!

We’ve featured gold digger pranks before – such as Coby Persin’s epic private jet number¬†and Joey Salads banana suit shaming! However, they are almost always filmed from the point of view of the man, and pranking women who after after their money.

Well, now, Monell has switched things around. She plays the part of a young, attractive girl in Las Vegas for the first time. Whilst she is “waiting for her mom,” a young guy heads over and starts hitting on her. When she asks about the Ferrari parked up on the pavement, he tells her it’s his. Problem is, it isn’t his. It’s actually hers! And when he finds out … priceless!

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