This Hostage Girl Prank On Delivery Gut Has Shocking Unexpected Ending!

Hammy TV’s a pretty fearless prankster. In fact, he doesn’t seem to be afraid at all when he’s pulling stunts on the public. Remember the time he strolled around South Boston in a New York Knicks shirt? Or when he was the world’s weirdest gym trainer? Well, yeah – you’ll know what we mean.

And now he’s back. And he’s upping the stakes in this latest prank. The set-up? Simple. A pizza’s ordered. When the delivery guy turns up, he’s invited in. But it’s no normal home. It’s a house of horrors. Plastic sheeting everywhere, the guy answering the door is in a boiler suit. Oh, and a girl’s bound and prone on the floor…

How do they react? You’ve got to watch to find out…

Being a pizza delivery guy’s not without its risks, you know. If you’re not stumbling across kidnap plots, you’re finding occult summits. Hey, the Illuminati eat takeout too, you know…

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