Buying Stranger’s Boyfriend Prank

Do you remember that film Indecent Proposal? The one where Robert Redford pays Woody Harrelson $1m to spend the night with his wife, Demi Moore? It’s an interesting dilemma. Would you accept a large amount of money to let someone sleep with your partner? Most of us would like to think we’d say no, but when someone is dangling a large amount of money in your face, and if your partner agrees to do it, there might be at least small part of you that’s interested!

In his latest prank, JoeySalads decides to test this, but with a little twist. Armed with a suitcase full of $100k (well, it’s not really, but … y’know) he decides to approach¬†girls¬†and asks them if they would take the money if he could have a night with their boyfriend!

Needless to say, Joey gets some extraordinary reactions in the video, which you can watch below.

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